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Thick Skin with Jeff Ross

Apr 5, 2018

Today is my comedy anniversary and I invited some pals over to help me reminisce and celebrate.  My high school pal Mark Hinkes was in the audience for my first open mic night.  My pal Eddy Friedfeld is a highly respected author, professor and comedy historian.  My friend Mike Mittermier is a popular comedian visiting from Germany.  Together they ask me questions about my career, we listen to some old performances (MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour & Late Show With David Letterman), and we discuss how important humor is to repressed societies.  Also lots of fun anecdotes about my old mentors Buddy Hackett, Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, and Milton Berle.  Let me know what you think.  Tweet me @realjeffreyross #thickskinwithjeffross   
“Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals” is available for download here.