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Thick Skin with Jeff Ross

Nov 12, 2019

I’m back in the bunker and joined by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Goldbergs” star Jeff Garlin. Jeff and I settle some old beef, chat about his band new Netflix special “Our Man In Chicago” and cover some “Touchy Subjects” -- such as the violence caused by Popeye’s new chicken sandwich and the...

Oct 17, 2019

In honor of John Mayer’s birthday, we are re-posting our chat in case anyone missed it. He was such a thoughtful and funny guest and I want everyone to hear it. Happy birthday John!

Oct 11, 2019

This week on the show we lose a comedy icon and gain a new cousin. Johnny Knoxville helps us pay tribute “Roast in Peace” style to the King of Confetti Rip Taylor. We also meet our newest family member, reminisce about getting stoned with Gilbert Gottfried, and tackle some very touchy subjects.

Oh yeah and we also...

Oct 2, 2019

Today we open the show with a “Roast In Peace” tribute to opera star Jessye Norman.  Then we talk about the million bats I saw in Austin, the retirement of the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the “Joker” movie, Trump’s “Civil War” tweet and Eva Braun’s panties.  Joining me is my Cousin Ed and my...

Sep 23, 2019

Me and Cousin Ed made a rare field trip over to Judd Apatow’s production office.  The prolific filmmaker and comedian generously opened up about the loss of his mentor Garry Shandling, filming his new movie on Staten Island with Pete Davidson, and his Grandma Molly who used to play Mojong with my Aunt Bess.  
We also...