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Thick Skin with Jeff Ross

Apr 10, 2019

I was recently invited by The President to the White House for a reception celebrating the passing of The First Step Act.  It was an emotional event commemorating the early release of many non-violent criminals who were sent away for decades after being given unfair sentences.  One of those people, a guy named Troy Powell calls into the podcast to tell us what it was like to go from wearing a prison jumpsuit in the big house last month to standing on stage with the President in the East Room of the White House.   We also talk to Louis L. Reed, who is the National Organizer of a criminal justice reform advocacy group called #Cut50.  But the whole show kicks off with a “Roast In Peace” tribute to the great Nipsy Hussell.  Life is tough. We’re getting through it together. 

Additional Material:

Ed Larson

Kevin Schini 

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