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Thick Skin with Jeff Ross

Apr 4, 2019

Comedy Central Roast fans all remember the hilariously ruthless Greg Giraldo who skewered Flava Flav, David Hasselhoff, Pam Anderson, Larry The Cable Guy and others.  Greg passed away nine years ago and there’s a new biography “Greg Giraldo: A Comedian’s Story” coming out ( so I had the co-author Matt Balaker over to tell us all about it.  Also joining us is Greg Giraldo’s dear pal and roast writing partner Jesse Joyce.  It was fun and cathartic to reminisce about Greg and hear some of his classic jokes again.  We also weaved in some “Touchy Subjects” about Jussie Smullet and Cardi B.  
Joining us: 
Jasmine Leigh
Jesse Joyce
Ed Larson
Matt Balaker 
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Ed Larson
Kevin Schini