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Thick Skin with Jeff Ross

Apr 25, 2019

Sometimes springtime is too cheery, so I decided to invite my pal, star of Netflix's "Atypical" and podcast king Michael Rapaport over to the bunker to smack talk some "Touchy Subjects". Then he sticks around for a great interview about podcasting, acting with Woody Allen, and why he thinks Trump is going to win again. We start the show with a special birthday shout out to Queen Elizabeth and it ends with a "'Roast in Peace" tribute to the legend Prince who passed away three years ago this week. Life is hard.  Let's get through it together.  Make sure to send us your feedback at and follow us on instagram @thickskincast @therealjeffreyross @edditetunes @michaelrapaport


Listen to Michael Rapaport's podcast here 


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