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Thick Skin with Jeff Ross

Jun 14, 2018

Every Tuesday night at the Comedy Store in Hollywood is “Roast Battle” – where in between the verbal sparring the crowd always goes crazy chanting “Battle! Battle! Battle!”.  Leading that chant is a comedian friend of mine named Josh Meyerwitz, who just happens to be autistic.  Josh came by The Bunker and told us how performing stand up comedy gives him a social life and an outlet for his anxiety.  My friend Maja Watkins, who teaches comedy improv therapy classes to autistic adults joined our discussion.  Then they stuck around and helped me, Kii, Pau and Ed work through some other “Touchy Subjects” including the recent Trump/Kim summit, people who got eaten by crocodiles and Elon Musk’s new patented portable fucking flamethrower that he calls, “Not a flamethrower”.  We conclude with a cathartic tribute to the coolest dude on the planet, Anthony Bourdain, may he “Roast In Peace". 


In The Bunker: