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Thick Skin with Jeff Ross

May 25, 2018

After a quick roast of the royal wedding, I introduce a family friend and former Blackhawk pilot who recently started a PAC called “Believe In Service”.  I wasn’t completely sure what that means so I invited him over to explain it.  His name is James Mackler and after 9/11 he resigned from his law practice to join the army. Even though he was over the age limit, he petitioned the Army to become a pilot and serve in Iraq. After his tour, he became a JAG lawyer investigating sex crimes in the military. Now he’s a civilian lawyer in Nashville with political aspirations married to a lady rabbi named Shana. They both came by my podcast bunker for an interesting chat about public service that is filled with occasional inappropriate humor. Sorry Rabbi!  We also take on some “Touchy Subjects” such as the Pope being nice to a gay man, The Mayor of New York letting people smoke pot and those seven wiener dogs who mauled a lady to death.  Of course we always close it up with a “Roast in Peace” of the recently departed.  This time we honor the founder of Burning Man festival. - Jeff

In the bunker:

Bernie Shine

Ed Larson

Kii Ahrens

Jokes: Kevin Schini